Saturday, July 5, 2014

Scrapbook Artist for Hire!

Oh, I have been so neglectful of this blog and the guilt has finally brought me to here! So... I know many of you come to visit for the Silhouette info which it great! I'm so glad you have all been enjoying those tutorials and I'm happy to answer specific question but please leave me your email address so I can reply. I can't post all the answers so an email address would really help.

So I wanted to share what new adventures I've been up to and some of my recent projects. One thing that's new is I've been doing photobooks for people mainly though an online photobook company. I've done everything from Baby books to Wedding albums. I've also been converting peoples paper scrapbooks to digital, that is a big job! I had one customer with 90 photo albums that we scanned and placed in photobooks and I did a huge amount a photo editing since many of the photos were from the 80's and the image quality was not very good. Then we went and did a few new theme albums pulling some of here favorite images and we add scanned memorabilia as well.

I've been doing books for myself too. Right now I'm finishing up my DD's freshman year of high school scrapbook and here are an example of some of the pages. I've combined both Project life style pages and more artistic layer pages similar to what I would have done with paper.

this last one is the book's cover. 

I really like the combinations of the fun, bight, phone images with the single photo, artistic, scrapbook pages. It really covers all the bases both artistically and functionally. All these pages are done in Photoshop and uploaded to the Photobook website.

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