Sunday, August 25, 2013

How to get caught up with Project Life!

Hi My Friends,

I have been taking a long break from scrapbooking to take care of some major life changes! I've been dealing with everything from my husband taking a job across the country, to renting out my house, to the death of my 99 year old grandmother Essie. My DD and I are staying in Los Angeles for the new school year while my DH moved to Washington D.C. to start an exciting new job.

So while I have been busy living life I have fallen horribly behind with project what do I do with a Five month gap? Unfortunately there are many long stretches without picture or much to say. So I have decided to be very flexible and do one page at a time filing in the gaps in any way that fits my recollection of events.  The first thing I wanted to tackle was my daughter's summer camp experience this summer.

Luckily I have trained my DD to take lots of pictures with her cellphone. it almost makes the bill worthwhile!

Here are my suggestions for jumping back in:
1. Start with whatever is in the front of your mind.
2. Be flexible, fill in with online photos of places you went or old photos.
3. There will be gaps and inaccuracies (I don't have a perfect memory), enlist others help to remember specifics.
4. Check your calendar or check book register to peace together chronology.
Relax and enjoy the process no one is judging you!!!


  1. Fantastic layouts Lisa, my sincere sympathy on the loss of your grandmother.
    Love your work.

  2. So glad to see you back and blogging, Lisa! Sounds like a really busy time, but we all need to shift our priorities and manage our many transitions for you! wow! Your PL pages are just wonderful! BTW, did you see a new Jessica Sprague Creative DT call today? thinking of you.....

  3. hi! Im using the picture at the top for my group scrapbook swap hope its okay!


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