Sunday, March 25, 2012

Video Tutorial: Silhouette Cameo Designs

I recieved so many nice comments from my last video, so thanks to everyone for saying such nice things. 
A couple of people wanted to see me design something from start to finish, so in this video I cover, welding a frame and a border, creating a compound path, editing points to alter a simple shape and a few other things. I hope you enjoy it and thanks so much for stopping by.
Here is the finished design featuring this gorgeous collection from Echo Park designed by the talented Lori Whitlock. The wood grain paper is my favorite.

 Back of card that shows the red border going all the way around.
What I used for this project

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

Silhouette Library shapes used

and now the video....



  1. great tutorial thanks for sharing

  2. Great video. Look forward to learning more. Thank you.

  3. Thank You for showing and explaining all the details and every button. It is much needed for those not familiar with these types of programs.

  4. I'm learning so much from all your great videos! Thanks so much! Looking forward to your next video!

  5. Thank you this is just what i need. A visual tutorial rather than just the manual. Thank you again.

  6. Thank you so much for doing this. It really helps in learning the various steps and parts. Especially for me as a newbie.

  7. Great video, learned a lot about how to alter shapes. Thnks.

  8. Lisa, Thanks for the great tutorial. This is exactly what I wanted as an introduction to the Cameo. Now I am even more eager to purchase one and get going.

  9. Hi Lisa, Great video tutorial! It was fun speaking with you the other day. I realized that I didn't get an e-mail address for you. Can you send me an e-mail? ..that way I'll have it. Thanks!


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