Thursday, January 24, 2013

Starting Project Life

I don't think I've ever redone a scrapbook page after it was finished. But now that I've done a few pages and I have more of a process, I went back and redid my first page of this Christmas  I really didn't like that page and I would of never included it, that's the reason for the redo. I'm going to include it at the end as a look back page. I'm much happier with this version you can see the old one here

The main difference in my process is placing all the journaling cards first. I like to spread them out around the pages and use them to separate the photos so I have a place to talk about each picture, if I need to. Next I filled in the photos, that's works much better for me. That way I have a definite color scheme working, since this is my teenage daughters book I'm using lots of brights.
Do you ever redo any pages? How do you start your layouts, do you follow any particular process? I'd love to hear what you do. Thanks for stopping by!


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