Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Should I buy a Silhouette Cameo? YES!

I woke up to some very exciting news this morning a new digital store has opened!

No, I'm not affiliated with them in anyway. But I do love my Silhouette Cameo and I do love more options from more designers. Especially great companies like Amy Tangerine, Crate Paper, Pebbles and American Crafts. Well why should Silhouette owners care if another digital store opens, great question.  You can use   any .png or .jpg file type and if you like to do scrapbook pages or cards or any other paper craft project think if it this way. In simple math terms.... it's WAY better. 

One design at the Silhouette store cost about $1 and there is never any coordinating paper even from companies like Echo Park who have tons of digital elements in the the store. 

So here it is, say you love Amy Tangerine, like I do.
You can buy a digital elements pack for around $2.99 right. That's about 1/3 the price of pre-made elements. Plus you get like 51 elements. That makes them less a dime each.

How cool is that, plus if you like to do pages and projects you can buy the coordination paper too.

So now for the paper I printer piece of paper cost like $1.75 approx. but here you get 13 for $4.00 plus there is never any waste. Now I know what you're going to say but printing and ink is expensive, I say no it's really not. 

I can fit tons of elements on a page! Probably a whole element pack and the same with paper and just a small amount of ink. Plus I only print the exact pieces I need. No waste and no buying paper I don't need just in case, so I don't have to drive back to the store. I can honestly say I haven't bought any printed paper or pre-made elements collections since I got my Cameo a year ago. I think I probably save 100's of dollars.

So If you love making paper crafts and you love to save money check but you need some help getting started check out a few on my tutorials.
Dont worry if you dont have the designer edition these kits dont have .svg files you just trace the and it super easy because a png has a transparent background so you get a perfect trace everytime. 

Well I hope this gets you started and thanks for stopping by! I'm going shopping!!
Hugs Lisa


  1. That's awesome Lisa! Love these companies and you've made some great points about the print and cuts! Is there a way to separate these out and just cut the layers (without the printing)?

    1. Great question Mendi and the answer is addressed here in this blog post http://lisabarrie.blogspot.com/2012/01/silhouette-cameo-designer-edition-and.html Thnaks for the question. Hugs, Lisa

  2. Oh, Thanks for the info.
    I agree..digi paper is BETTER!!!


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