Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Echo Park "Chillingworth Manor" Layout

It's so nice to be getting settled in my new home. At least I'm unpack enough to do a digital layout. All my paper, scissors, glues and mists are still packed away but it's an opportunity to go 100% digital. I went through some boxes this morning to try and find my cutting mats and Epson paper so I could print and cut this design turning it into a hybrid, but I couldn't find a cutting mat and I have no idea where my 11.7x 14 paper is. I always use the large sheets for printing out my backgrounds.Yesterday I bought a new digital brush for misting and I've been having really nice results with it. I have tried so many different brushes to see if I could get the same look as using a spray mist and finally I think this one does it. Here's the link for you to check it out. I used it on this layout and I created my own harlequin stencil to use digitally and I really like the results. I'm really enjoying doing more digital designs, it has taking a couple of years for me to get to the point where I don't want to throw the computer through the window, because Photoshop can be so frustrating in the beginning. Thanks for sticking with me while I moved it's great to hear from some of my friends.
Here is what I used to make this digital layout.
Photoshop CS5
Echo Park "Chillingworth Manor" digital Collection at Jessica Sprague
Dynamic Spray Brush for misting
From Designer Digitals
Kpertiet BeadscatteringsNo3
Kpertiet Curlednotepaper
LG Ripped and Stitched

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  1. Incredible! I am soooo impressed with your digi skills Lisa!! Love the EP Chillingsworth collection!! And the expression on little winged fairy's face is TOO CUTE :)

  2. WOW.....that is some talent girl. How can you go wrong with Echo Park, Jessica Sprague and Lisa Barrie? I am so ready to make my haunted house book all I needed was a little push..Thanks!

    1. Thanks Mikie!! You can come visit my blog anytime!!


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