Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I have been neglecting my blog terribly, but I am in the process of moving after living in my house for the last 13 years. My husband has a new job and we are moving closer to his work. OMG I has collected a ton of stuff! I move at the end of the month and I am looking forward to creating again after the big move.

I do have some other exciting news my DD age 13 was published today on Psychology today magazine. She wrote and article about learning to read at a young age and how it effected her life. Please stop by if you can and leave her some love on the blog post! here's the link!! http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/raising-readers-writers-and-spellers/201207/parent-lessons-successful-13-year-old-reader

I promise to be back as soon as I move.


  1. mommyx2

    I just happened upon your blog looking for a layout from scrapbook.com that you made. An awesome layout of your daughter with butterflies. I happened to read your post and thought my goodness a 13 year old published in Psychology Today, I must read! I have 4 year old twins and while I read to them and they love it, after reading Bianca's article I hope I am not too late! I loved reading as a child and did not want to "force" it on my children. Bianca's article was inspiring and I hope to have the same bond with my girls in both reading and art. I am sure you are one proud Momma as you well should be! I applaud you and the mature, confident, beautiful daughter you have raised. Good luck with your move! Signed, a new follower.

    Posted by mommyx2 to Scrap til your heart's content at July 31, 2012 5:37 PM

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a beautiful comment. You comment means the world to me! I've had such a difficult move saying goodbye to my home. You made my day!

  2. Congratulations to your Daughter and to you as parents who taught her well. Glad all is well with you...good luck with the move and setting everything back in order again.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com


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