Friday, June 22, 2012

How To Alter the Color of a .png

Today is my first post at Paper Crafter's Corner and I'm so excited to share some digi techniques with their readers. For the paper collection I chose Echo Park's Hello Summer design by Lori Whitlock, she does the most amazing designs and I use her creations in almost every project I work on. I love that her work is available digitally, at the silhouette store and on her website. It's the perfect summer collection. For this project I'm showing how to use digital twine. There are a number of twine digital product available, in fact, most digital collections include some twine, yarn or ribbon. But, I want to share a couple options if you are looking just for twine.

Here’s one that I found and I used it for this project because, it is very versatile and bold enough to pop off any page or project.  You can find it here. I like the assortment of shapes and the little extras like the staple and clip. As you can see, it comes in only one color and I want to show you how easy it is to change the color using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Step 1. Start by opening the element you want to change. (Note this will work on any .png or .jpg.)

 Step 2. Go to Image>Adjustment>Hue/Saturation. This will open a dialog box. Select the colorize box and adjust the “Hue” slider to the right and the twine turns purple!

 Slide the Hue slider to the left and the twine turns green!

You can fine tune the color to just about any shade by slowly moving the hue adjustment slider and increasing or decreasing the saturation. When you find the color you like click- OK.

Step. 3  Save the twine in the color you are going to use for your project by going to File > Save As> new file name. Now you have that color twine saved for future use. Easy peasy right!

Here are some other great twine products I found at Designer Digitals.

Thanks so much for joining me today and have fun incorporating twine into your next digi project! 
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