Friday, July 11, 2014

Photo Book Help!

I just finish working on a wonderful book for the sweetest woman Ann who found me on Shutterfly. I do photo books for people who either need help or want me to do it for them. She already had the book started and I just spent a few hours polishing it up and editing some photos that needed a little TLC.


Photo editing is so important to the quality of any photo book, it worth taking the time to do or have someone do it for you.

Here's what Ann said about her book when I was through editing!

"Lisa it is so Awesome!!!! Thanks so very much!!!  It’s wonderful!  The photos look sooooo much better.  The cover is so much prettier and the red invitation….just perfect!"

"You are so wonderful and I am going to have more books that I would like your help on.  For sure I want the wedding photos in a book and the wedding is October 11th!
"I am so grateful I found you………"

 Yep... editing and having a professional work on your photo book makes a big difference!

I'm working an another wedding right now and Katie my client wanted a more sophisticated urban looking photo book to give to her in-laws, but the photos from here wedding photographer were less than stellar.

I took some of the color images and changed them to black & white for a more dramatic effect.

These have a soft vanilla cast to pretty.



Katie asked me to work on this image to try and fix the branch hanging down in the back and fix the very hot /cold effect on the in this photo. It's a really big challenge to make super bright sun and cold shade become the same brightness and intensity and she loved the finish effect. It was a bright sunny day at the beach!

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