Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall Digital Scrapbooking

Fall is my favorite time of year and it's one of the reasons I miss living on the East Coast. When I did this page I started just like a traditional scrapbook page, choosing the background paper and adding more layers of paper (the notebook edge piece) and then the circles and clock. It's really not that different a process, the difference is the added dimensions of transparency and light. There are some really magical things that happen when you start playing with the layer styles. The fun part is some of the flowers in the layout are photos I took, either from the garden or my own Prima stash. The girls are model stock from deviantart. I worked about 12 hours on this piece partly, I think because I'm still learning, but I enjoy every minute of it.


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  1. Lisa it is beautiful, I love fall also, those colors are magical and the lighting gorgeous, hugs


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