Monday, September 24, 2012

Silhouette Studio Tutorial Using Gradient Fill

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. I love to decorate my house and the front yard. Here's a peak at what my house looks like for Halloween over the years. We always have such a good time.

 Our latest theme!
We are very competitive with our pumpkin carving!
 That's my Dad and my DH helping get everything together!

I also like to make special foods and decorate my table for fall
Here's a look at my table for fall

This year I want to plan some special lunches for my daughter following the fall and Halloween themes so I'm planning a series of tutorials and ideas to share with you here is the first one.

Halloween Water Bottles Labels
 My DD takes a bottle everyday so I'm designing a few different one to throw in her lunch bag everyday using my silhouette Cameo to make the job super easy!.

Here is a look at the design on my mat
and here's the finished product 
They turned out really cute!!
So I did a quick Video to show you how easy, peasy these are to make!

If you'd like to learn how to import digital designs into the Silhouette Studio software you can watch my video here

I hope you enjoy! Hugs Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa-Just love your video. Thank you so much. I've been adoring this software for a while now and your video has just reafirmed my desire to work with it!
    Your labels are too C U T E! How do you keep the label from getting wet and smeared?
    I don't know what happened but BEFORE I clicked comments all your text with teeny tiny script and very hard to read!
    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Kimberly, I kept the label dry by gluing my label over the original, it worked great as a water barrier. If you wanted to you could spray it with a matte sealer too. Epson ink I find holds up really well too. If the text get weird just refresh the page! Thank for stopping by. Hugs!! :)

  2. WOWZA, you aren't kidding when you write you go all out for decorating for Halloween!! I bet your new neighbors are going to be so envious of your skills!! Did you design your pumpkin 'faces' on software as a guide or freehand them?

    "Fang you" for sharing your pictures with us!! They are "Boo-tiful!" (okay, I just couldn't resist!!) ;-)

    1. Hi Jan, it's great to hear from you. For the pumpkins we use a website that has 100s of patterns called Zombie thanks for stopping by. Hugs Lisa

  3. This is great to coordinate with the Chillingsworth Manor Paper that I just recently got. Thanks.


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