Sunday, June 10, 2012

Keeping up Photoshop Skills

I've been busy working behind the scenes on a couple of projects. The first one is some adorable Party-ware for my local scrapbook store and as soon as they are released I'll get to share them with you. They were all design on the Silhouette Studio software and I promise to write some tutorials to share with you how I made them. I also finished a blog post for Papercrafter's Corner design team that has a tutorial too, that will come out next week. So I haven't been goofing off, like I said, it's just been behind the scenes.
While working on a digital project is not what I normally do, I'm really a hybrid scrapper, I wanted to try out some of the templates at Designer Digitals. They are really a layered sketch and for me they serve the same purpose as a's a jumping off point. Plus since I'm the new "Digi Diva" at PCC I figured I better sharpen my skills.
I have to say that as a someone who has been a tradition scrapbooker for over a decade when I started to see digital scrapbook pages I said, "what's that, I would never do a digital layout I mean what's the point? Right??" Now, I have a slightly different view, first of all learning Photoshop is a huge undertaking in it's self and for people who master illustrator in addition that's impressive to me. As a traditional scrapbooker doing a digital layout, it took me a long time to develop the skills that enabled me to be able to replicate my own style digitally. I found it challenging in the beginning, and at the time places like Jessica Sprague weren't around or at least I didn't know about them. Now, I love the creativity of digital designing and I have so much creative freedom, I'm never limited by the quantity the item comes in, the size or color. 
The skies the limit. 

If your are ready to give digital scrapbooking a try don't miss the opportunity to take a FREE class offered at Jessica Sprague.  Register now!

Here's what I used for this page:
Summer Lovin' cutouts by Ellie's Studio -(Jessica Sprague carries the digital line)
Katie Pertiet Bead Scatterings No. 03 
Katie Pertiet This Makes Sense Layered Template
Katie Pertiet Assorted Messy stitches 
Maplebrook Studios Layla Kit

This is the template that I started out with, you can see how different it is from the design, but all the elements are there just moved around. 

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  1. Wonderful page...I really love how you express the sentiment of "choosing your battles" with your teen, the result being a special bond because of your pretty nails :) I dabble in digi too, Lisa, and just finished a 90 page memory book for my daughter's Grade 6 classes in her school. I certainly could not have scrapped those pages with paper!!! lol!


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