Saturday, March 10, 2012

Print and Cut on Fabric with the Silhouette Cameo Featuring Rhonna Designs

Paper Collection used- Follow Your Heart Collection 

 I wanted to add textures by layering paper with a fabric background. So I used Ranger Sticky Backed Canvas to print a patterned paper on, i used an offset around the outside to follow the contour of the paper. It cut with no problems, I used a blade setting of 6 and a speed of 3. The color turns out really nice and I love the subtle texture. I have printed photos on this canvas before too. Here is an example on a scrapbook layout I made a while ago. This was printed with my Epson 1400 Large Format Photo Printer you can see the print quality is stunning, even on canvas.

Photo by Monica Tuerlings
To make Rhonna's paper come alive I extracted the details I wanted to cut out using the quick selection tool in Photoshop CS5 and then I used the print and cut feature with my Silhouette Cameo,  doing a project like this so much easier now, no more fussy cutting. The image of the fairy riding the butterfly is from The Graphic Fairy and I recolored it in Photoshop. I have my video tutorial on how to print and cut here.
Here's the canvas after cutting, it shows the intricate cut the Cameo was able to accomplish. The black lines are the registration marks used to tell the Cameo where to cut. You can see details and layers below.

I love Rhonna Farrer's designs, she has an incredible artistic eye and color sense that really appeals to me. I wanted to create something that would make her designs pop off the page to appreciate all the beautiful layers. You can find her website here.

Here are the shapes I used from the Silhouette Library


  1. wow this is beautiful!!!! I just ordered a Cameo and now I know where I am coming to get some tips!!!Thanks!!!

  2. Wowza, this is gorgeous!!! I love your work, it's stunning!!


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