Friday, November 18, 2011

My Photoshop Journey

It's funny how you can take a bunch of classes and all of a sudden you get to the point where everything begins to gel. That's where  I am with Photoshop right now and my gosh it's about time (It's been a couple of years). I never thought I would learn that darn program. I am continuing to practice, and it was a rainy, yucky day in L.A. today so I spend most of the day manipulating a photo I took of my DD a couple of days ago for a tutorial I wanted to try. So here is the before and after.

Amazing right, hard to believe they are the same photo.
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  1. WOW....Astonishing! You have some serious PS skills, Lisa!

  2. this is really amazing touched done by you using photoshop! gorgeous page indeed!

  3. Amazing amazing amazing!!!!!!!
    I admire your patience in learning that horrible but magnificent program!!!


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