Friday, August 19, 2011

My new chippies I designed are here from Dusty Attic!

I am so excited to hear from Jen at Dusty Attic that my Perfume bottle set of chippies I designed are ready. I designed them a while ago so I'm thrilled they are here. If you go to my index you will find "My dusty attic chippies" tutorials on how I finished these bottles for various layouts and I hope that gives you some fun ideas!
They are designed to work together in a set or individually. I have collected perfume bottles since I was a teenager and I love the vintage labels on them and all the beautiful shapes they come in. My new design are the perfect size to decorate with ribbons and flowers or make into a spooky potion bottle for Halloween. They are $5.00 for the set and available to order here on my blog.


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